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Founded in 2002, GANI pioneered a new porcelain category–Marble Tiles in 2009 and now become the world's leading company of marble tiles industry. With over 300 items in exclusive stone gallery, GANI develops hundreds of marble tiles restoring marble patterns and veins. The sales network covers 60+ countries including Italy, France, Russia, USA, Australia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, etc. With 500+ global franchised stores, GANI delivers its quality products and solution to world's famous hospitality, residential and commercial projects, serving for Hilton, Marriott and fancy commercial buildings.

The 10th generation core technology developed by GANI MARBLE TILES is shifting from product research to space effect research, which means the product research is more systematic, accessories are modularized and construction guidelines are well-equipped. Derived from the modern luxury space, each product (tiles and accessories) is demonstrating the ultimate space effect.

The 9th Generation, Four Core Technologies.

The 8th Generation, Marble Porcelain Pickling Antique Technology
Reproduced the pickling effect of marble with high-definition 3D technology.

The 7th Generation, Full body Technology
Presents through-color texture and harmonious color and veins

The 6th Generation, Semi Full Body Technology
Achieved 2mm through color effect with 3D infiltration technology

The 5th Generation, One Stone Eight Surfaces.
Enable richer combination of texture and infinite extension of the overall spatial effect

The 4th Generation, Accurate Spray Setting Technology
The three-dimensional surface presents more authentic tactility

The 3rd Generation, Large-size Specification Technology for 900×1200mm Tiles.
Created extra-large size marble tiles in ceramic industry

The 2nd Generation, Concavo-convex Superfine Veins Technology
To present more natural texture

The 1st Generation, Concavo-convex In-glaze Decoration Technology.
GANI became the first to successfully restore the surface texture effect of marble with ceramic tile technology

GANI Marble Tiles (Foshan Gani Ceramic Co., Ltd.)

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