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Commercial Marble Tile

GANI's product is widely used in commercial application, such as shops, restaurants, cinemas, offices, and conventional centers. Our reputation builds on products' high performance as well as detail service, traceability and safe partnership. The offer we provide is an illustration of fast-response global supply, production and retail network.

  • Marble Tile in Zara Chain Shop
  • The long term cooperation between ZARA and GANI dates back to year 2014 while Zara was looking for reliable partnership with persistent delivery capacity while, customized product and service with flexible supply to deal with its global openings.

  • Marble Tile in International Conference Center, Ningxia
  • The design concept is inspired by both Chinese and Arabic cultural elements. The primary concept is the use of the circle and the square. In both cultures, pure geometries have had significant influence throughout history.

As a China leading marble look porcelain tile and ceramic tile manufacturer, Gani company provides a wide range of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles for use in any commercial buildings. Here is our project example of marble look ceramic tiles used as interior and exterior tiles. With rich experience and patents, Gani can offer high quality luxury ceramic tiles for your decorating needs.