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    Safari Beige
    810 x 1620mm
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Safari Beige Marble Wall Slab (Indoor Wall Slab, Bathroom Slab, Outdoor Slab)

Safari Beige

Number: D811822839BM

Classic Elegance
Safari Beige is a lithotype known for its warm and elegant beige color, making it suitable to numerous applications. In patterns ranging from modern and contemporary to classic Mediterranean, Safari Beige imitation marble mirrors Italian stone, and offers a fine white vein on a beige background. It still appears as a homogenous marble with a nearly monochrome presentation, making it a popular choice for a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in a room.

  • 810 x1620mm 32"x64"

Gani Ceramic Company, design and manufacture large format marble look porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor decoration. As a China well-qualified Safari Beige polished porcelain slab manufacturer and supplier, Gani company provides ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles with a variety of patterns for choose. These custom cut size marble effect slabs can be applied as kitchen wall slabs, living room slabs, etc. With large manufacturing base and rich experience, Gani can offer high quality porcelain slabs and ceramic tiles to meet your decorating styles.

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