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Claros Grey(Dark) Marble Wall Slab (Wall Slab, Kitchen Slab, Indoor Slab, Outdoor Slab)

Claros Grey (Dark)

Number: D9185886BM

Rare beauty
Quarried in one of the oldest marble production area in Turkey, Claros Grey (dark) Marble Wall Slab is a beautiful dark grey stone with thin and white light veins randomly crossing. The natural beauty of this natural stone imparts a sense of elegance and peace to the space that few marbles can compete with. Because of the stone’s beauty and bold modern look, interior designers are using them around the globe for decorating bathroom wall, background wall, living room and kitchen. This product is also designed for flooring and other outdoor uses.

  • 600x1200mm

GANI Ceramic CO., Ltd., is a company designing and manufacturing marble tiles for interior and exterior decoration. As a manufacturer and supplier of first-class Claros Grey(Dark) polished tiles, GANI offers a variety of wall tiles and floor tiles and size options for our customers. These tiles can be applied to kitchen, bathroom, and living room and so on. GANI, with large production bases and abundant experience, has the ability to provide quality tiles for high-end indoor and commercial decoration (office buildings and hotels).

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