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Staturio Calacatta Marble Wall Slab (Wall Slab, Kitchen Slab, Indoor Slab, Outdoor Slab)

Staturio Calacatta

Number: D9182809BM

Pure whiteness
White marbles can trace its origin to Mounts Apennine and Alps in Tuscany of the northern Italy in the Jurassic Era over 190 million years ago. Lime sediments undersea brought tremendous changes to the crystal structure of rocks, and therefore the most precious marble treasury in the world was uncovered. During Renaissance in 15th century, Sculptor Michelangelo spent 9 months at Mount Apennine, adjacent to Mount Cararra, in search of marble with vitality for completing his sculpture —David. “I saw the angel in the marble; I carved to set him free.” He finally presented to the world the greatest statues. Sculptors such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci ever used the most premium white marbles in the world, including: Statuario Calacatta which originates from Mount Apuan, featured with natural carving patterns.

  • 900x1800mm

GANI Ceramic CO., Ltd., is a company designing and manufacturing marble tiles for interior and exterior decoration. As a manufacturer and supplier of first-class Staturio Calacatta polished tiles, GANI offers a variety of wall tiles and floor tiles and size options for our customers. These tiles can be applied to kitchen, bathroom, and living room and so on. GANI, with large production bases and abundant experience, has the ability to provide quality tiles for high-end indoor and commercial decoration (office buildings and hotels).

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