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Red Sandstone Marble Tile

Red Sandstone

Number: D1264839N

Sandstone Collection
Red sand stone is sandstone appearing red due to the inclusion of iron oxides. Red sandstones were originally deposited as more typical light-colored quartz sandstones. Most sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar (both silicates). The color of Sandstone-red is due to impurities within the minerals. The small quantities of iron-rich minerals in the sand break down and the iron is oxidized into hematite crystals (Fe2O3) that form as very thin paint-like coating on the quartz sand grains. The hematite crystals absorb all light colors except red which they reflect, giving the sandstones their red color. It’s often seen in the Southwest and West of Britain, as well as central Europe and Mongolia.

  • 60*90
  • 60*120
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